INDB6 v09 91/900/910/9000HD

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INDB6 v09 91/900/910/9000HD

Postnapisał antua12 środa, 27 lipca 2011, 14:27

thanks to Iscan & Nikolasi

based on Tideglo's 1.3.0


"google translate"

- In media center settings added option on-off weather gadget and animation
- In the short-permanenttimeshift pressing the stop-shift TV in showers, long pressing the stop-off permanenttimeshift
- In graphic-program guide on the blue-button-menu plug-select the font size, number of lines, etc.
-Added plug nKTVplayer-plug in the key menu-plugin-settings there can choose 3 options plug-KartinaTV, KartinaTV Videothek and StreamPlayer,after changes to the player reboot the receiver to take effect
-Added plugin DD_Subt player
Minor fixes, and plugin system

This will be probably the latest INDB6 image based on Tideglo's E2, because of the discontinuation of the Nightly Build project.
Future images probably will base on Team DuckTales Gitorious.

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