Stream multiple channels

Stream multiple channels

Postnapisał gnandi niedziela, 25 lutego 2018, 13:05

Hi Everyone!

At first, sorry for posting in english, but I dont speak polish at all, and I dont trust automatic translators :)

I have tested several versions of PKT Hyperion on Amiko Alien 2 triple box, I like the design, the overall speed of the image, so definitely a good job from the developers.

However I have found one limitation in all the tested versions, which affects my box. According to my tests, the PKT Hyperion is able to stream only one channel to network, if I start a second stream, the first stops. Since my box has three tuners 2xS + 1xT/C it is a definite limitation in the software. Streaming multiple channels works fine with other images, like HDMU, so it is not the limitation of the hardware.

My question is, would it be possible to set up Hyperion to enable stream more than one channels, or is this a fixed limitation in PKT? Is there any plans to enable this in future?

Thank you
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Re: Stream multiple channels

Postnapisał sq9 niedziela, 25 lutego 2018, 14:14

sh4 tuners are not supported :idea:
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