HDMI CEC driver/plugin source code

HDMI CEC driver/plugin source code

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I'm sorry, I don't speak Polish... =(

I'm trying to fix HDMI CEC problem that my non-PKT receiver has with my LG TV.
PKT Hyperion 2 on Kathrein 912 is able to accept commands from TV remote, but gigablue quad with OpenATV 6.1 is not recognized.

So I need to find hdmi-cec related code used by PKT image and/or add debug output to it/recompile own version, to see what messages are exchanged.

My first try was changing CEC Vendor ID on gigablue from 0 (uknown) to F0 (Samsung), but that didn't help.
I would use Kahtrein Vendor ID, but don't actually know it.

In the worst case, gigablue should be able to "pretend" to be Kahtrein.

If here are CEC experts, what I see in logs is LG continuously sending "I'm LG": 87 xx xx xx (code of LG,whatever it is, forgot it). I'm not sure what kind of response they await.

thank you in advance,
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